Getting a custom-fitted mouthguard is both, easy and quick. At Yorkville Dental Arts, we’ll make an impression of your teeth and we’ll also take a bite impression to guarantee an optimal fit. Call us today to know more.

Protecting Your Smile With Mouthguards

Mouthguards are custom-fitted dental appliances that protect your teeth from injuries and damage. There are several types of mouthguards, each with its own uses and advantages.


Types Of Mouthguards


1. Sports Mouthguards are to be worn during any high-performance sports or activities. They protect your teeth and jaw from injuries during accidents and falls. However, they also enhance your performance, by preventing you from clenching your teeth. This means your body won’t release hormones associated with stress, hence its ability to perform to its full potential. Sports mouthguards are highly recommended to athletes of all ages and anyone who’s into high performance activities.

2. Nightguards are to prevent people from grinding their teeth and clenching their jaws during their sleep. While being asleep, it is hard to control what your body is or isn’t doing, so it’s very difficult for people to stop this bad habit of teeth grinding while sleeping. Unfortunately, though, this habit will cause you to wake up with chronic headaches, earaches and jaw pain, among other problems, so it is best to put an end to it. Wearing a custom-fitted night mouthguard will hold your jaws in place and keep a distance between them, hence saving your teeth from getting tear down over time.

3. Sleep Apnea Mouthguards are preliminary solutions to your snoring and sleep apnea problem. Their job is to keep your teeth and jaw in the right place, while clearing a proper airway for you to breathe easy and regularly. Doing so, stops your snoring, hence decreasing your risk for sleep apnea. However, in serious sleep apnea cases, mouthguards are sometimes not enough. Dr. Deliakis will gladly examine your case, discuss your symptoms and decide on an appropriate sleep apnea treatment plan with you.



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