White Fillings


White Fillings & Repairs for Cavities

Amalgam, silver, or metallic fillings were the standard practice until not so long ago in dentistry. The amalgam was needed for its strength, especially on chewing surfaces and large fillings. These fillings can corrode and leak over time, blackening the filling and often the tooth.

White or ‘Composite’ Fillings are made of a material that bonds to the tooth for a tight seal. The material is strong enough for chewing surfaces and lacks the sensitivity associated with amalgam fillings. Cosmetically, white fillings are stain-resistant and color-matched to your natural tooth making them almost invisible.

In cases where extra strength is required, a CEREC filling can be placed. A digital photograph is taken of the cavity and a computerized milling machine in our office can create a strong white filling from a solid block of porcelain within a few minutes. This filling is then bonded into the tooth where the cavity was.



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